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PLC Group

You are welcomed by PLC Group, we are an international company that has offices in various countries and provide a full range of services for the purchase of vehicles from the USA, Europe, Korea, and the United Arab Emirates. We have been engaged in our activities since 2012, we have already selected and brought over various conditions for more than ten thousand cars to such countries as Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania, Belarus and others. We have warehouses: in 4 ports of the USA (New York, Texas, Georgia and California); Georgia (Batumi); Lithuania (Klaipeda, Vilnius), which allows us to consolidate and provide the cheapest car delivery.

We offer you our services and are ready to help any of our clients buy a car under the specified parameters with maximum savings and safety. We provide information on buying a car, selection of options at auctions, participation in auctions, car delivery, unloading and customs clearance.

By purchasing a car with us you can save about 40% of the cost, avoid mistakes and unnecessary expenses, because the process of selecting, checking and buying a car has many nuances and pitfalls that we take into account thanks to our many years of experience. Due to the fact that we are auction partners, you will be able to receive a lower auction commission than by participating in the auction yourself, as an individual.

Our offices are located in Kiev, Dnieper, Odessa, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, we work throughout Ukraine. You can come to our office or receive full support remotely from any of our managers. Our clients will receive a personal manager who carries out work on the order taking into account all the requirements for the car and budget, will notify you of any changes, deadlines and other information.

Our offices



st. Zhylyanskaya 59, room 206



Starokozatska str., 40b, 3-rd flood



st. Zhukovsky 33, room 705



Ave. Sobornyy, 153 17/5000 pr. Soborniy, 153



st. Marshal Bazhanov, 28

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